New vintage for Marlborough as clothes market comes to town

Bargain hunters and retro lovers should save the date next month, as a new vintage and streetwear market comes to Blenheim.

Vintage in the Vines will take place on Saturday, November 20 at Waterlea Racecourse.

Organiser Aidan Treston said the market would showcase a wide collection of vintage clothing and streetwear.

Treston, 24, runs an online fashion label called OCDC Clothing, which stands for “Obsessively Confused Design Clothing”.

He has battled obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), a common, chronic and long-lasting disorder in which a person has uncontrollable, recurring thoughts and behaviours.

“I've started designing because I had obsessive-compulsive disorder, so it was a way to invent and create,” he said.

“I’ve run the online clothing brand since 2018, and I've opened up another branch of it, selling vintage clothing.

“It is quite a big trend at the moment to sell vintage and pre-loved clothes, especially because it is a sustainable market.”

The young designer handpicks vintage pieces from stores in Wellington and Christchurch.

He also goes to the local thrift stores every week with his three-year-old daughter.

“A massive thing at the moment is anything American sports and Disney with people paying up to a hundred to two hundreds dollars for a Mickey Mouse T-shirt from the 90s. It's ridiculous.

“I bought a basketball tee for 20 bucks the other week and people were selling it for $250 on eBay.

“It is a very odd market. It can be anything like old movie T-shirts, it is very broad but it's so cool,” he said.

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